Saturday, July 08, 2006

It's Been Awhile....

Ok, so here's ike a 3 month recap of everything that has been happening in the Lupe household. Ok, so for the past, I dunno, 3 or 4 months I have been trying to get back into school. My first two petitions to get in got turned down, and I could not understand it at all. Come to find out, the doctor who was supposed to have put in the note that would have clinched it for me only wrote" wasn't feeling well..." Well, of course they would have turned me down. I would have turned me down too.... So, the kind lady in the petitions office told me that anything and everything that I could get to support my case would help. So... about 40 pages of doctors' notes (I had seen 4 in total in the time that I have been sick), medical records, letters from teachers saying I wasn't a slacker, all stuffed in a manilla envelope did the trick. So, the petition passed.... Victory #1...

Ok, so I go to register for classes, and try to take care of insurance issues, and it says that there is still a problem... Come to find out, I had an incomplete in a course that I was supposed to finish up about a month or two after I got sick. Of course, I wasn't feeling well enough to prepare or to get the tutoring or any of that, and I had forgotten to get an extension ( too busy just trying to stay alive, not cough up an entire lung, and working on getting back into school...not a good multi-tasking project.) OK... so now I had to file another petition. Let me tell you... I was nervous. I got the paperwork for the extension, and I went to find the Professor. Turns out he is in Jordan (as in the middle east, not the city in Utah.) Luckily the director of the department has his office right next door. Ok, so I turn it in right after the summer term had started and they told me that it might take a few weeks since not everyone from the committe was around for the summer. I called twice after about 2 weeks, and my wife called once. Then....I got the letter saying that my extension was granted. Victory #2.

Now that I have the suspensions "lifted," I am eligible for student insurance. I had been talking to this wonderful lady in the insurance office who now knows me by name, and she actually wasn't there when I went in with the letters from school. Funny thing was that the other lady that was there had heard about everything that was happening to us, and she was so excited for me. So she made copies of all the right things, and told me it would be submitted ASAP. Victory #3

So, I want to get back into school. I have to reapply, and it is now 2 weeks before the summer term starts. I fill out all the paperwork, and get an interview with my ecclesiatical leaders, and the stake president says that he will drop off the last thing I need because he works at the school. Ok, well it took him about a week to drop it off, so it has become a bad nail-biting situation. We were house sitting at the time, and the family had moved in, and we were still looking for a place. We came down to Provo to stay with some friends for a night or two (we have been blessed with some great people around us who have helped us out so much when we have needed them the most!!!) We ended up finding 4 places that would work, and we had to make a decision within just a few days. Turns out 2 of the 4 had mold in them, one of them we had actually decided to live in, we had the rent check in hand and I looked and saw the air vents were a little shady. So, we go with our #2 choice, and they say we can move in the same day. Ok so this is the thursday before school starts. I get a phone call at about 10 in the morning from the academic support people saying I need to get all the paperwork filled out so that I could go to school on Monday! So, I made about 10 phone calls, met with all the right people, and was registered for class before 3 pm. Victory #4. We got into our apartment that Sat with the herculian support from our bro-in-law ( a little shout out there) and we settled in that week. Victory #5.

School started fine, but I need to pay tuition soon. We have decided that I really, really, REALLY needed to find a job, and so I set last thursday to be the day I would go for interviews, call people, etc. Well, by 4 pm I had a job, and I start on Monday. Victory #6.

Even though everything is far from over, we have really been blessed with some HUGE progress. We thank God everyday for everything he has done for us. And to all those who might be reading this, know that we thank Him for blessing us with you as friends and family too.

ok, so I know this is what you have been waiting for... the Quote of the Day.

Lupe: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no matter what time you wake up!

(we woke up a little before noon today...)


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Blogger Emily said...

lol - so are you lupe or is the wife?

i'm so GLAD things are finally going your way! did you get a job where you used to work? or a new one? hooray!!!!

11:24 AM  
Blogger Muum said...

hey! tell anonymous to 'get a job'!!! lol , anyways, so glad things are pulling together for you , hope your health improves and sunshine and roses are on the path ahead for you! love you!

7:02 AM  
Blogger Rasta Bob said...

This is a test. I don't like these "sploggers" (spam bloggers). I want to get rid of them

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Spencer said...

can i quote that bit about "herculean efforts"? :) maybe at the top of my website?

i hear the job is going well - glad to hear it.

9:53 AM  

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