Sunday, April 01, 2007

General Conference weekend

Our church had its semi-annual conference this weekend, and it was basically awesome. Conference weekend is a blast for many reasons. Let me share these reasons with you real quick:

1.) We get to listen to very uplifting, spiritual talks all weekend. 10 total hours of great pick-me-up lessons to get your batteries charged for the next 6 months. There were some really good ones too...

2.) Omelettes. Every General Conference since we've been married we've had omelettes right before the Saturday morning session. We had some friends over to partake as well. Very De-lish.

3.) The Salt Lake Tabernacle was rededicated. They've been doing a little renovating up there, and it's finally finished. It was great because the whole Sat afternoon session was about the history of the tabernacle, and a few of the amazing things that were brought to light in that building. Just a special part of our heritage. Good to see its finished and open again.

4.) Priesthood. I always look forward to it because you never know if it's going to be a lay-down-the-law talk or an encouraging one. This time was a little of both, but mostly encouraging. It's also cool cause it's just the men-folk. Just a different environment. The closing song was a new one, with the music of "Be still, my soul" and the lyrics from a passage in 2nd Nephi chapter 4. Very cool.

5.) This weekend we played a little Croquet and tried out a new RC plane that Wifey got. Wifey won a game of Croquet (my first time, so nicht so gut for me...) and we had a blast with the plane. I flew it full speed into a brick wall, and then into metal picnic tables. Wifey hit a few trees, and needless to say, it already is in need of serious repair.

6.) One of the best things is the fact I get to spend a full weekend with Wifey and snuggle. We definitely got our snuggle on this weekend...


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