Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We lika do da cha cha

OK, so with the xbox 360 you can download demos of the games without actually having to buy them. Very cool feature. So Wifey and I downloaded the demo for a game called "Viva Piñata." It's really a kids game, although it's kinda complicated. Actually, with kids these days, I wouldn't be surprised if a 5 year old could learn how to play faster than me.

Anyways, the premise of the game is you get a certain space of land, and you clean it up and start a garden to attract.... piñatas! You start out with a worm, then two worms, then a bird, then two birds and then the next thing you know there's foxes, badgers, alligators, frogs, snakes, moths, bees, etc etc etc. You have to feed them, build houses, plant flowers, trees, etc. AND, you need to protect your piñatas from the new ones wandering in. Wifey was pretty upset when a fox ate her "Bunnycomb." We played for about 4 hours last night, and Wifey absolutely loved it! ( I must admit, I did too...)

At about 12:30, all of a sudden the demo ended. We were distraught.

So... today, I bought it for Wifey.

And played for 5 hours while she was at work.


Anonymous Muum said...

So.... if you put all this info on your blog, she won't be so surprised when she gets it for her b'day???

2:53 PM  
Blogger Rasta Bob said...

this was just a present for her bday month. she gets spoiled like that...

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Gretchie lou said...

Yes, she does get spoiled...and she LOVES it!!

8:32 PM  

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